Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ireland North and South

Exhausted and working hard at having fun. Seen a lot but not as much as I'd like. It's tought work getting around on public transportation. I have to say that the trains and buses here are fabulous though.

Anything less than a 30 minute walk and they recommend that you walk it though. So I've been walking with about 50 pounds of luggage behind me. Phew. Tiring.

Have seen Dublin (tourist trap) have seen Belfast (nicer and much more friendly), and am now headed to Newry with the hope of getting a B & B tonight. Have been youth hosteling it and am not ready to sleep, sleep, sleep.

Must run only have a few minutes here for the follow of paying a guy $2 American so the fellow would let me check in. Internet access here is difficult to get if you don't have pounds and all I have is Euros. He thought dollars was a lark.

Having fun. Tired but fun.

Fly back on Sat/Sun. Love you all.


Watercolor said...

Glad you are having fun!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are having fun. I can't wait to hear more! The kitties and fishies are fine :)See when you get back.