Friday, April 17, 2009


No, I'm not smart enough to make one up. But my butt is in Limerick, Ireland. I just had a couple of amazing days. Yesterday I went to Newry to see if I could find the grave of my mom's sister who died in 1935. Amazingly I did. It was very special, especially since I thought it was a task that would be like finding hen's teeth. It was easy as pie, but I'll have to write about it later as I'm at an internet cafe right now and the clock is running.

I went to Brigid's Well in Kildare today. It was so lovely with all the spring flowers blooming and special flowers put out on account of the Easter holiday. It's lovely, but COLD. It's cold like Atlanta in Febuary here.

Sat on a train most of the day today, except for the time in Kildare. I'm going to a pub (don't worry, my liver won't let me drink) and have some pub grub and then I'm going to check in REALLY early for my 11-somthing AM flight tomorrow. I'm too cheap to pay for a night in a hotel at this point. The Republic of Ireland is very expensive, but I splurged last night and spent the night in Newry at a real B & B and it was lovely. Met a very nice lady who worked her whole life as a midwife in Newry. Fascinating.

Gotta run before the clock runs out and the machine cuts me off. Having fun on the cheap but ready to make my way home. I miss all of you. ALL of you.

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