Monday, April 16, 2012


It is now 4 plus years post treatment. I don't really keep up this blog right now because who the heck wants to hear about my dull day-to-day life?! No one wants to know that I sometimes go to sleep at 6PM, or that I love my grands? Boring.

But there are people that have followed my blog for a while or stumbled upon it while researching information related to their own struggle with the Big C.

I'm 4 plus years out. No evidence of disease. That's the closest they can get to saying, you're cured. Cancer cells can hang out and re-appear later, and if it does, I'll deal with it then. In the mean time, I've celebrated my 60th birthday. I'm living life as fast as I can, just in case. I still like travel and have used a bequest to give me the freedom to travel around the US. I have bought a little A-frame camper called an Aliner Alite. It's essentially a bed with storage. It sets up very quickly (30 seconds) and is just the right size for me and a grand to go adventuring.

I'm, hopefully, within about two years of retirement and hope to travel and have fun and be a good grammy.

I'm alive. Happy. Moderately healthy. I've experienced some wonderful changes in my job in the last year. Life is complicated, but it's GOOD. Really, really, really good. I wish you the same joy and good health. Blessings.