Friday, April 10, 2009

Technology Impaired

OK, tonight is the last post for a week, more than likely. I'm packing like a mad woman for tomorrow's trip to NYC and then tomorrow night on to Ireland. I don't know if I'll get to an internet cafe, or if the hostel I'm staying in will have internet access, so if you see a post, I have access. If you don't, when I get back I'll NEED SLEEP and then I'll post pix.

I promise Gigi, I'm brining you and your mom a clover. Everyone else, that's exactly the kind of souvenir I can afford, so that's likely what you're getting. God bless my daughter for hauling me to the airport at 6AM! She gets yet another star in her heavenly crown.

Right now both cats are asleep on the outfit I plan to wear tomorrow. There's no escaping cat hair! It looks like some is even going to Ireland with me.

I'm excited because by the time I get back, they'll have done the criminal background check on me, they have copies of my driver's license and insurance, and the person I'm interested in fostering will probably be allowed to come spend some day visits with me. Good Lord but you should see the size and length of the questionnairs and forms I have to complete. It's more than I even thought was possible or necessary. I'm having a kid at 57! (presuming all things come together) Who'd have thought?! (Including me! I never expected to be ambushed by maternal feelings at this point in my life. Wow.

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