Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday - - Bronchitis IV

I'm getting better. Not well, but better. I've turned in next week's lesson plans, and have been resting and drinking plent of fluids. I stopped to read the news tonight and was stunned to read about the Illinois Baptist minister shot dead in his pulpit today, and also of Obama's policy shift toward Cuba.

One of the churches I used to attend had a guy with a knife run right through a service some years ago. I believe he got trapped in the Sacristy and ended up being subdued by the priest and a few police chasing him. That is scary enough, but to be shot dead in the middle of a service ... I suppose you get assumed right into heaven from there. In the Catholic faith it would be instant martyrdom, but this poor Baptist guy is just dead.

Then they are also reporting an IRA shooting of two British soldiers in Antrim, which is approximately where I'm going in April. Of course, you don't have to travel to Ireland to see troubles. It wasn't four years ago we had our own shooting at a mall just down the road. Violence is everywhere. I'll try not to wear anything camo when I'm in Ireland and I'll be fine.

I'm glad that we're going to open up some to Cuba. It's another place where Americans are liked (at least right now). Maybe I can get to go there, a destination that would make dad spin in his grave, except he's ashes so I guess the dust is jumping in there, simply saying such a thing!

My lungs are clearing and I don't wheeze quite so much after a weekend of rest and recovery. I've planned a lesson plan next Friday that includes cooking Mexican food. Since I'm not much of a cook, I'm not sure what we will have, but I'm guessing after mid-terms the students will be glad to have anything to eat and relax a bit. We'll be SPEEDING through Mexico because we have to get moving to get through the rest of the world! I believe Middle America and South America come after Mexico.

Be well everyone.

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Watercolor said...

"In the Catholic faith it would be instant martyrdom, but this poor Baptist guy is just dead."

Okay, maybe I'm bad, but that made me laugh.

Hope you continue to feel better and get well.