Friday, March 06, 2009

The Continuing Saga of Bronchitis

It's been a very tough week getting through work. The kids in third block today needed a teacher "thrown down," because otherwise they would have been in control. Technology defeated the best laid plans for 1st and 4th block today. The tour of the US that I wanted to show, was a bit of a flop but they liked the popcorn and were happy to have some of the pressure off for a day. Monday we "go to Canada." Sometime this coming week, we have to have a mid-term. Blaugh.

The crud in my chest is loosening up a bit, and it's easier to breathe but sounds very wheezy and rattly. I've been OUT OF IT all week, and am just starting to have some awareness of what's going on around me. If I wasn't in school, I've been in bed asleep or trying to sleep. I'm turning in soon.

I hear we are due for a dose of sunshine this weekend. I'd like to get a little on my skin just to get some vitamin D and let the sun bake some of this sticky mucus out of me. I've been "out of it" for the last week, so I hope I can rejoin the human race slowly. I miss my family.

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