Monday, March 09, 2009

Scrambled Brain

I'm alive and I really like that. I really shouldn't bitch about things like this, but the trap-door brain I used to have is gone. I checked 45 times; I swear I did. The dates for Spring Break were IN MY BRAIN because I looked them up so many times. Yet, somewhere in the translation, I screwed things up. I realized it with a sick feeling in my stomach today, so I went about fixing things tonight. It changes some plans I had but that is just the way it has to be to get the cheap seats now, just a month before leaving.

I have two cheap seats on Delta for the wrong days that I'm just going to have to toss into the wind. It costs more to change the tix than to just be a no-show. I can't even give them away because they're in my name. Sux. And I never say that. But it does. At least I figured it out a month before rather than a week before!

Learning new things comes a bit harder now. It's really hard to recall certain words. It's frustrating sometimes. I know a lady though, that can't drive anymore or work or even get out of her house much anymore after her chemo, so I should be grateful! I'm alive and have some brain left. I get very frustrated with myself sometimes though.

Midterms are Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is going to be a FOOD day. Kids seemed interested when I announced the multi-cultural, multi-sensory experience of having Mexican. Tomorrow I'll look for some easy crock-pot recipe's. Not a big cook here. And the crockpot doesn't set off the fire alarm. Having set it off in the past, that's a pretty good criterion for me to meet. Gonna take some decongestants and go to bed. Night all.


Watercolor said...

Hugs. Glad you figured it out and can remedy it quickly.

I know the brain thing.... not fun.

Calypso said...

did you actually get on the phone and try to talk to a Delta rep? Sometimes when you get someone in a good they will help you to your advantage.