Friday, March 13, 2009

Mexican Culture and Food

Well I brought Burritos and made them at school. There were at least one or two students per class that either brought something like nacho chips and salsa, and at least one per period that brought something spectacular. I had some orange Mexican soda. I taught them to sing a song in Spanish. We learned about the history of the Mexican Flag, and Our Lady of Guadalupe (a mix of Aztec and Roman Catholic imagery), and I inflicted all three blocks of students with pictures of the Mayan ruins I saw on my vacation this past summer. It was total CHAOS and fun and exhausting, and I think there were some educational moments in there. Lord I don't care to do this very often, but I think it's a multi-sensory experience that excites and gets students very involved -- for the most part.

Lots of homework for me tonight as I get ready to do a review for the Georgia HS Graduation test in Social Studies tomorrow morning. Tired. Going to SLEEP.

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Watercolor said...

It is those sort of classes that I remember STILL. Hugs!! Rest well this weekend.