Saturday, March 14, 2009

Georgia High School Graduation Test

We're doing some free reviews for the GHSGT. Anything we can do to help students pass is so important to our achieving AYP. We made AYP last year by something like 1/2 a point -- the slimest of margins. So any little thing that can be done to help even one kid pass a GHSGT is important. In some ways it's kind of fun because the students actually listen to you. After talking for three straight hours, though, I had laryngitis and was really, really tired. I came home and took a nap. I'll do it again next Saturday too. Each review might mean just a point or two on someone's test so that they are a little more likely to pass the tests. Next week is all about preparing our Juniors for testing.

I will be teaching about Latin America, however. Wonder what we're going to do? I might need to think about some lesson plans soon.

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