Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last Mid-term today, Food Day Tomorrow

$45 BUX! I bought enough flour tortillias and refried beans and cheese to make some simple burritos, and some orange-flavored Mexican soda. Nothing fancy. I hope the students bring something too, because if they don't it's going to be a very spare Mexican food day.

I'm going to subject the poor victims to a discussion of my perceptions of Mexico, AND my vacation pictures of Mexico and the Mayan ruins. Evil. I know.

The school wanted to offer a Saturday review of material prior to the End of Course Tests and Graduation Tests. They couldn't justify hiring a teacher unless they got 15 students to say they'd come. They only had 11. I volunteered to do the reviews those two Saturdays for free. I figure I can do a reasonable job on US History and Biology. Those 11 kids need their review. We need those 11 to pass their tests. We desperately need every single passing student possible if we are to make AYP.


Watercolor said...

Sounds yummy!!! You are very kind. Hugs! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Those 11 are lucky to have you! Good luck with the food. :)