Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bronchitis II

OK, so today I don't feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I can breathe a little easier. I don't sound like a seal barking anymore -- more like a gravel rattling in a tin can now. My students probably don't think it's an improvement, but on my side, it sure feels better. My ribs don't hurt every time I cough now.

I've been working this week in the place of my colleague and friend Jeff, who died two weeks ago. A long-term substitute has been secured to do what I was doing, and now I'm doing what Jeff was doing. It's a regular education job that is possible because I was able to get certified in a few social studies areas some years back. The school has made it perfectly clear that I revert back to special ed as soon as this special circumstance is over. I can, of course, apply for the job if I want to, but since I'm only certified in World and US History and not in all areas of Social Studies, I probably don't stand a chance of winning the job. But at least I'll have three more months of experience than someone straight out of school or something. It's hard for me to know what the possibilities are here. Right now I'm happy to just finish the year out in Jeff's memory.

While I've been sick as a dog, rat or snake this week, I've been trying hard to handle our old classroom. It's hard on the students, and hard on me too. I'm hoping that by next week when I feel better, we can do some more fun activities. I have to feel better before I can do too much fun. I like doing hands-on things though. I wish my first week with them wasn't so overpowered by bronchitis, but one does the best one can.

Right now my best friends are Coricidin HBP and Mucinex and my bed. Tomorrow we're having World Geography movie day with popcorn. The "movie" is of course a streaming video about the geography of the United States. Next week we move on to Canada!


Watercolor said...

Movie day sounds like a good idea!! Hope you rest well this weekend and feel better soon. hugs!

Calypso said...

Please take care of yourself...