Thursday, January 01, 2009

Santa and Grandchildren

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From what I hear, getting the two kids to this photo session without bloodshed was a big accomplishment. Evidentally this photo was made during the one milisecond that someone wasn't crying. Nice looking Santa, but look at his eyes -- this is a man that believes he is about to be puked on, poohed on, or kicked in the shins.

Chelsea gets to go to the vet tomorrow. She's got a bladder infection. Going to the vet is a long drive too. But I have symathy for her having just gotten over my own recently. She has long term health issues though, enough so that she is on prescription cat food to help her not have as many problems with her kidneys / bladder. Probably means several weeks of antibiotics for the girl.

Jenny showed me the most extrordinary book. It's the process one woman takes toward quilting. The pictures and artistic quilting are just breath-taking. She has a new embroidery machine that is making her look at things with new eyes. This qulter is a real inspiration.

I hope the first day of 2009 was a good one for you.

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Watercolor said...

Happy New Year hun!! Hoping 2009 is rich with love and joy and health and adventure and happiness for you!