Friday, January 02, 2009

Icky Kitty Sicky Stuff

Chelsea went to the vet this morning and it was a good thing! She does have a really bad kidney infection, needed some kitty glandular maintenance, and got an x-ray to ensure she doesn't have cancer or some other serious problem in addition to the infection. She's on some new prescription cat food that is even more incredible than the prescription cat food she's already been on. She has antibiotics for the next 21 days and is supposed to go back in three weeks. She had lost a good bit of weight, and the vet was very concerned about that. He actually wants her to gain some weight back!

Liam is spending the night with his grammy as a treat. In another few years it's be more of a sentence than a treat so I might as well enjoy him and he me, while it's still possible.

It was rainy, cold and blaugh outside today. Jenn and I took the kids over to the local rec center with a couple balls, and let them case the balls all over the rec center for about an hour and a half today. All that running was good for them.

Jenn got some supplies at Hobby Lobby for her new hobby of embroidery (by machine). I tucked a few things away for next Christmas, and that ws pretty much it. We did have a wonderful meal provided by Eric. He grilled some steaks and they were NUMMY. What a nice finish to a busy day.

OK Chelsea, get well, that's an order!

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Watercolor said...

Poor kitty!!! Prayers she gets will quick. Why don't the docs ever tell *us* to gain weight... lol.