Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Read With Me

Yes, tomorrow will be "Read with me" Thursday morning. Gotta go to bed soon so I can be sure to get there in time. The school media center specialist is nervous that I'll get more students than I have copies of books. I'm not THAT optimistic.

Today I got pulled from the Algebra IA class and have been put in the Algebra IB class. Supposedly because I'm better at being a collaborative teacher. It sure isn't because of my great math ability. Yeah, let's put the inadequate one into the more advanced class. Yush.

These kinds of things make me think I really, really want to teach something static each year. Just teach Biology or Environmental Science until I'm dead or 65, whichever comes first.

Tomorrow is "Friday" for me at work though, because I have a doc appointment in Atlanta on Friday, so I've taken the day off from work. When I get home from the doc, I pack, hope like heck that the temperatures don't drop so low my pipes burst, and Saturday in the early morning I buzz up to Richmond. I'm looking forward to seeing my friend Lucille. I looked into events going on in Richmond. Garrison Keillor is there with Prairie Home Companion and tix are still available. We will not be going however, because they are a mere $133 EACH. Yikes!

Must sleep now. 5:30 comes fast.

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Watercolor said...

Good grief he's inflated his ticket prices!! Have a great trip!