Monday, January 12, 2009


Yes, they did exactly what is most crazy. They put me in an Algebra class. My "excitement" is only rivaled by the many "fans" I have in this class. Two students wanted to get up and walk out the minute I walked in. It's generates a warm feeling. NOT!

I'm finishing up copying some files to a thumb drive to show on Wednesday about Jamestown. I have to be up early to get to school early enough to read for some non-readers who have to "read" at least three books in this class. So I'm going in at 7:30 on Tues and Thurs so the low readers can following along with me. Betcha that the goofballs don't bother and that I end up by myself tomorrow. But if they don't "read" three books, they'll fail the class. Sigh.

Tired. Must sleep. Night all. ALGEBRA!!!! Holy crap!


Anonymous said...

Tell me they can't read because of some congenital disability. Surely you can't make it all the way to high school without being about to read...right? And Algebra?! Yikes!!!

Watercolor said...

I always like algebra. Wanna trade?

Joann said...

I wish it were true that reading was a required skill set by high school, but that is very, very common in special education. Most of my students can't read beyond the second grade level, despite interventions in earlier grades. By HS there are no special interventions in our county. They are probably dyslexic, or have some difficulties translating from vision to brain and interpreting, but by HS there's no help, except for saps like me that will read to them while they "follow along." Sure, yeah.

Algebra is just a language I don't understand well. It's been a life-long struggle, but I am learning a little more every year. Maybe by the time I croak I'll actually understand the language of "Math" to some degree.

Jenny said...

If you need to capture their attention tell them that the Jamestown folks were so desperate and hungry (and psychotic?) that at least one fellow killed and ate his pregnant wife! There's the side of the pilgrims we never hear about! I read about it in "A voyage long and strange."