Thursday, January 15, 2009

Compound Inequalities

Yup. I now know what they are. Graphing them is a whole nuther thing. Class today was a bit of a challenge. OK, it was a HUGE challenge.

Today during "Read with Me," I had a student come! We started the story and he LIKED it. The media specialist is actually going to order some adapted texts of the novels/plays and other readings for the various grades. I think I may have started something that is going to grow, grow, grow. But it's cool that students that have a hard time reading won't have to read Nathanial Hawthorne and his convoluted and vocabulary-rich _The Scarlet Letter_ in the long form. The adapted texts are a bit like getting the old, "Reader's Digest Condensed Books." I'm excited, and I haven't been excited about school stuff in a while. THIS helps students survive.

Another cool thing: I let a teacher know about an offer for art replica's. He applied to get the works, and we won. So we're getting a bunch of replicas of art across American history. FREE!

President GWB is saying "goodbye." My thoughts: Don't let the door hit ya on the way out!

Weird thing at school. I thought it only right that at least the Social Studies classes watch the swearing in of the new President. Guess what? We can't watch it in "real" time. We can see it on a delayed feed, but not as it happens. THAT is the result of the contract with have with our signal provider. Stuck between Birmingham and Atlanta signals, there is no signal via "air" that we can pick up, so we are at the mercy of Channel One.

I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow since I'm going for my annual "tune up" with my doc in Atlanta. Praying that my water doesn't freeze up tonight. All I can do is run my water in the hopes that will be enough to keep it from freezing. There is NO WAY (!) to cut off the outside faucets. How strange is that! Supposed to be 10 here tonight. Brrrrrrr.

NEWS FLASH! Because it's going to be cold enough to freeze the bus diesel fuel, AND because temps are anticipated to be between zero and five degrees tomorrow (temperatures low enough to cause flesh to freeze very quickly), school has been cancelled for the kiddies so they can stay home and stay warm. Teachers are to report, but I'm still keeping my appointment. That'll be a day we'll have to make up later, and I'm going to be peeved if they take it out of my spring break. Sigh. I got to tell you, zero to five degrees in Georgia is pretty extreme.

Hope wherever you are, you're warm, and loved, and that you're safe.

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Watercolor said...

So glad you had a kid show up!!!!!

Sorry you are getting a "snow" day when you were already going to be off.

And yes, I know, I'm too nice. arg. sigh. About to take that nice hot bath though - good idea. hugs!!