Saturday, January 17, 2009

Provisional Compliments on Tune Up

Went in for my annual tune up and got nice comments from the doc, who I admire and respect. I think, mostly, he was just glad to see I'd survived treatments last year.

Am heading out early in the am in the hope that my pipes will not freeze while I'm away, and that the "wintery mix" will miss my return back on Monday. Brrrrrrr. Cold, cold, cold, and I'm not sure, but I think it's colder in Richmond. I heard today that it was colder here in Atlanta than it was in Ankorage. There's something REAL wrong about that.

I'm a bit worried about the fish if I lose power. There are three people on the planet that worry about their fish, and it appears I'm one of them.

Stay warm and let the faucet drip tonight!


Amber said...

Left my faucet dripping and the pipes still froze... maybe I should tell you that in case you read this from Richmond. Jenn - if you're reading - go check your mom's pipes! I got hot water back about 30 minutes ago, and I'm headed for a nice warm shower real soon.

An amusing note I thought you'd appreciate, in light of the Atlanta/Alaska comment. I have friends in Chicago, and they have been complaining about the cold. Yesterday, the news said that it was colder in Chicago than it was at the NORTH POLE! Doesn't seem like that could actually happen, but it did!

Watercolor said...

Have fun!