Monday, January 19, 2009

Atlanta to Richmond and Return

OK, it was COLD on Saturday morning when I left for Richmond. It was something like 10 degrees. And it was about the same in Richmond. Brrrrrr.

Everything went well, except that the door to the airplane on the way up, wouldn't close. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty partial to flying with all doors closed. They sent for mechanics and after about 30 minutes of giving it some adjustments, it was decided we could go.

I rented a car and Lucille and I went places she seldom gets to go. Very low key, mostly just shopping that would be hard for her to do with the transportation from her place.

She lives at Westminister - Canterbury in Richmond and it's pretty awesome. Always some lecture, or a class, or some sort of activity going on. There are about 1000 residents there in their variousfacilities, and it's amazingly beautiful and the food is quite something. All the folks there are very excited about the inaugeration tomorrow, no matter if they voted for Obama or not.

I have to be up and out early tomorrow for "Read with Me," so I have to get myself ready for bed, and it's not looking good for me to clean before the the cleaning diva tomorrow. Fish and water pipes are fine.

Must run and start the washing machine!

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Amber said...

Glad you trip went well, and that fish and pipes are fine!

Also glad that you mentioned the washing machine, which is where I have left clothes that will sour before morning if I don't go do them now!

Have fun at school tomorrow... several of the kids have mentioned to me tonight that they are hoping the snow sticks so that they get an extra day off (5 days in a row off seems an excessive hope to me).