Sunday, December 07, 2008

Organic Blue Sky Black Cherry Cherish Soda

Summer a couple years ago, Jenny and Liam and I went to Salt Lake City. It was a fun trip. We got to see a little of the area. But the closest food store was the SLC version of a Whole Food's Market only smaller. The closest thing to "Coke" was this, and I discovered a heavenly, devine, drink that I shouldn't drink but every once and a while I just break down and get some at .....Ingles! The Blue Sky brand has ginger ale, orange and I don't know what all flavors, but the Black Cherry is yummmmmm! I broke down and bought some tonight as a treat. Yummmmm.

I'm eating vitamin C. Bought some orange juice and orange (though my butt doc surgeon urged me to stay away from oranges) juice and am going to live with anitbacterial hand stuff this next two weeks.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I read end of course tests all day. Then only 6 more full days, followed by two half-days of "Final Exams." There will be such begging in the next two weeks. All the slackers will see their sins catching up with them just before Christmas. I have to remember that the majority of students are nice and cooperative and do well. But over the course of the next two weeks, the nasty ones that joked and played and annoyed the bejezus out of us teachers will now turn into fawning sycophants. It's annoying. I gave a student an overview of his missing work the other day and he claimed long and loud that I'd never done that before. (Only about 14 times this semester.) We'll all eat too much next week, and most of us teachers will have a bit of a wild-eyed look as we race to the end.

It's chilly outside. I hope you and those you love are warm and loved inside this night.
10 points extra credit if you know the state bird of Utah and why (without the crutch of google), and you're not a Latter Day Saint. ;)


Amber said...

I can tell you it's some kind of gull (if I'm remembering right), but I couldn't tell you specifics. Too many years since I learned that in high school. Guess that isn't worth the 10 points though.

May have to try some of the soda...

Amber said...

Okay, how's this for funny. I submit my comment and it posts, only to look to the right and what is the next "word verification" in order to post: your last name. Funny!

Joann said...

Funny. The state bird of Utah is indeed a gull. It's actually seagulls. Why?

The gull is considered the state bird of Utah by common consent, probably in commemoration of the fact that these gulls saved the people of the State by eating up the Rocky mountain crickets which were destroying the crops in 1848.

Orson F. Whitney says that in the midst of the devastation of the crickets, "when it seemed that nothing could stay the devastation, great flocks of gulls appeared, filling the air with their white wings and plaintive cries, and settled down upon the half-ruined fields. fields. All day long they gorged themselves, and when full, disgorged and feasted again, the white gulls upon the black crickets, list hosts of heaven and hell contending, until the pests were vanquished and the people were saved." After devouring the crickets, the gulls returned "to the lake islands whence they came."

A biblical type of miracle if I ever heard one.