Friday, December 05, 2008

Eye Glasses and Stuff

Well if it's not one end of me, it's another. So Monday the medical community works on my nether regions. Thursday I go back for my re-exam for my eyes. Three months ago the pupil muscles were still working poorly from chemo effects. They're improving enough that the residual difficulties are attributed now to my "advancing age." Yikes! I haven't had that term applied to me before! My advancing age effects my pupils! Holy smokes. I wasn't thinking I was THAT old! Anyway, I got fitted for new glasses, but the cool thing is that they're going to be able to use the same frame that I have right now and like, just a new frame. I'm keeping my old glasses, as I alway keep the old ones for emergencies. If I ever break my glasses, I could never drive home without glasses. I always travel with a spare pair just in case. I once had a pair break at the nose piece when I was in Vermont. I walked into an optician's shop and begged them to find some frames to put around my lenses, and they did! I'm not taking chances on that kind of luck again though. Here's the part that totally took my breath........I know I have a challenging prescription and all, but they are $850. Yipes! If your Christmas present hasn't already been bought, you may be getting good wishes from me and that's it! Wow! The eye doc also recommended that I take vitamins for my eyes, because there might be the beginning of macular degeneration. They will monitor it and can't say for certain yet if it will develop or not, but it's definitely an issue of concern. Makes me wonder if I should start taking Braille classes or something. Yush. GREAT week. Just great!

In this middle of all of this, I'm still coughing and spluttering from this cold I can't seems to shake completely. It's really annoying for me; I'm pretty sure it's annoying as h*ll for people around me. I'm sorry. I hope it goes away too.

But things are looking up. The neighborhood is looking happier with twinkling lights. I'm going to get some rest and relax over the weekend, and with any luck that will knock this cold out of me.

So...............who would have ever thought that another woman who MIGHT take Hillary Clinton's spot in Congress?! It hasen't even been 20 years since they installed a women's bathroom on the same floor of the Capital near the Senate Chambers. It took a long time for the country to understand that women could, would and do belong not just in the House but the Senate as well.

And lasty, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church died today at the age of 79. He kept his faith alive somehow through the Communist era. He survived and thrived to grow his church to a healthy 700,000 after Communism fell, and while he wasn't a warm, fuzzy man when it came to allowing other faiths to "play in his sandbox" one has to respect him for enduring some terrible times and in his elder years "making hay while the sun shone." Peace be upon you.


Watercolor said...

Hugs!!! Docs shouldn't be allowed to use those terms. EVER.

Anonymous said...

I know about challenging eyeglass prescriptions. Ever since I was a teenager (which was a long long time ago), I have had strange vision. I am nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other one, and both have astigmatisms in both. Then to top it off I am getting Presbyopia (old person eyes) so I have to have variable focus lenses. Because of my work with computers I get progressive lenses instead of bifocals which of course cost even more. Then for years my eyes changed every year and I had to get new pair So I know how you feel. Luckily this year the doc said my eyes hadn't changed enough for a me to get a new pair. First time in a long time.

But I do wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and may you see many more.