Monday, December 08, 2008


That stands for End of Course Testing. The test is devised by the State of Georgia and accounts for 15% of the student's grade for the semester. Grades will not be back from state scoring for a while, so those kids get to sit and stew for a while to see what their grade will be and for those who run close to the margin, if they will pass or fail the class.

The students today had that "deer in the headlights look" all three times that I administered the tests. One in Economics, and two in US History. I have to admit, I don't know that I could pass Economics. These are NOT easy tests.

This is a difficult time for many students who will come to realize they may never be able to pass the testing required for a regular education diploma. Students and families hold out hope for a long time in high school.

Tomorrow I see the butt doc. I'm hoping my butt doesn't need any further attention. It is just now feeling like it won't explode when I cough, and I cough a LOT these days.

Very tired. I'm going to go to sleep tonight. I could hardly settle last night, so some sleep tonight seems like a really good thing.


Watercolor said...

Sleep well.

I am glad my school testing days are over.

Susan said...

I am glad I don't have to pass a test in economics! Good luck to all the kids, hopefully you won't be seeing them again next year.

On another note, you may have to change your blog title to encompass more body parts...

Hope all goes well at the doc!