Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1st Christmas Padgent

Liam had his first Christmas padgent tonight. Here's a clip. He's the blonde kid with the blue sweater on. Turn your speakers down if you get startled easily. The song is sung ENTHUSIASTICALLY!

I thought the little ones were incredibly brave, or perhaps not so self-conscious. One little girl cried, and I got the impression it was more that she was seperated from her family, rather than fear of being on stage. The rest were happy to be hurded by their teachers who tried ever so hard to teach the children to do hand signs that accompanied the songs. The teachers did the hand movements really well, but their small charges were dazzled by the lights and all the people.

Tomorrow we have students for half the day of exams and then were are free from adolescent angst for two weeks. I have to work Friday but no kiddos.

I must sleep now. I feel like I could sleep for the next two weeks. But, I like so many others, have way to much to get done.

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Calypso said...

That is SO adorable!!!!