Monday, December 15, 2008

Muy Consado

Very tired today. I made a study guide for the kids, some of which will take their final on Wednesday and the remainder on Thursday. They are restless, aggitated, and noisy right now. I think it's the noisy part that wears me down the fastest.

I did a crap load of web pages today. Grocery shopping for Betty, and am now going to sleep in the full knowldge that I will put on my cleanest pair of pre-worn slacks tomorrow because I took a nap instead of doing laundry!

My least fun job today was calling or writing all parents of failing students. For some the handwriting is on the wall. Most moms and dads were aware of their child's lack of achievement, and most say they have no way to control their kids. I don't get it. I just do not understand why parents don't take away mp3 players, cell phones, tv or video time, take car keys, or whatever. Priviledges are earned, not just given as an entitlement. I've always admired a mom that took her child's entire room, including the door and put it in storage. She left the girl sheets and blankets and a pillow. She had to earn back her bed, her stereo, and lastly her door. I liked that mom! She knew who controlled access to all the priviledges. I don't understand parents who try to resign from parenting. Heh, I also faxed grades to one kid's probation officer. Somehow of all the kids, my guess is that he will have the least happy time off. Yes, I want my students to do well, and if that means reporting their underachievement to their probation officer, I'm willing to do that too!

Night all.

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Susan said...

I just had to share this with my daughter, the one with 4 kids. She has locked everything away in the closet before and changed the keys...

I am sorry you have to deal with such inept parents and students. Hope you are feeling better!