Friday, November 07, 2008

Ahhhhhhh, Sweet Horizontal Rest!

Yes, at 3:30, I hoofed it out the school like my tail was on fire. I stopped briefly for gas, since I didn't want to walk, and then got in bed and napped. Gosh it feels wonderful. The band and football game just across the street (really) woke me a few times, but never fear, I can sleep through it all.

I'm calling Monday to make an appointment with the skin doc. The itching has gotten crazy, insane and compulsive all over.

My Lord, but will the political commercials never end?! Why? Why did Georgia have to vote so, so split down the middle for our Congressman? They are now progressing from ugly accusations to totally fiendish nastiness. It does not help dinner digestion, and it makes me want to vomit that we have to listen to this for even longer time. Gag!

And now for a slight rant on classroom management in rural Georgia. What do you do with young, testosterone-filled MEN that are 13 or 14 years old, big, drama-diva's and want to bait and bother the female teacher with every bit of atrociousness they can muster? As one has said to me, "I'm not afraid of a piece of paper!" so writing them up is pretty useless. Their parents claim they don't know what to do with them either. The male teacher walks in, and they settle immediately. Damnit! I want a penis so I can have that kind of power! These young men are making the choice to be crass, rude, and dramatic. Grrrrr.

I like teaching, but I like teaching to people who want to learn, not people who just want to be a disruption and center of attention.

And on the latest front of the news of the boobs: I am BRCA1 and BRCA2 negative. That means I have no genetic heritage to pass down, that I don't have to look forward to further surgery, and Jenn and Jewel and Liam don't have to worry about astronomically high risks for cancer. Very good news indeed. I would have been very surprised if I did have either of the BRCA mutations, but stranger things have happened. What I appear to have passed down the genetic pipeline is eczema. While I have not had problems with it for years, it's currently a HUGE issue for me, and it's been a life-long issue for Jenn and even little Jewel and Liam have it. So, so sorry folks.

Lastly, this is my special find for the day! I fold fitted sheets with all the adeptness of a farm hand. Look at this demo! It's awesome! I mean, really.....this is fabulous.

I hope you and those you love are well this evening.


Watercolor said...

ugh on the commercials and misbehaving kids.... so sorry.

yahoo on the folding the fitted sheet video!!!

Susan said...

So glad you got some rest, now don't overdo it this weekend. I know, I was so looking forward to not seeing Saxby's or Martin's face ever again! As for the classroom, no easy solution there I guess. I wish your talent and creativity could be used working with more receptive pupils, but maybe there is a bigger plan at work here - those boys are at least at school and not out getting into trouble. Great news on the genetic testing, one less thing for you to worry about. And finally - the little things that make us happy, folding sheets! Have a great weekend.

Amber said...

I like to throw drumsticks at students who annoy me. Yes, that's a band director thing. Haven't got in trouble for it yet - in fact, I've been encouraged to continue doing so by more than one higher-up as well as parents. I do know band directors who throw chairs and stands, but there are two problems with that. 1) They are too heavy and/or bulky to have good aim, and 2) if you actually hit a kid it might actually hurt them.

Just say the word, and I can get you some inexpensive, lightweight, perfect for throwing drumsticks. ;)

Watercolor said...

Have you looked for a shawl like you want on I find all kinds of great things there.

Watercolor said...