Monday, October 06, 2008

The Yard Diva

The yard diva comes tomorrow and so I went by Wallyworld to get some supplies. There is just nothing but pansies and lots and lots and lots of chrysanthumums and that's it. I've planted about all the pansies and crysanthumums I want to plant. I want to find some of those cute little cabbages that look cute through the winter, and some other plants that can withstand our winter. I don't know what, but there has to be something out there.

My poor dogwood trees have lost their leaves and look pretty shocked. I hope in the spring they can come back. The lady they had the fundraiser for, from which I bought the trees, died. They were raising funds to allow her to go to Switzerland for a last ditch cancer treatment. Two weeks after she died, her son who also had some kind of cancer died! How sad is that! I'm not sure the dogwood trees aren't following behind them. :( I'll only know this coming spring.

I had a terrible problem with mosquitos this summer, and couldn't figure out where they were coming from. Everyone thought it was the new little fountain I put out. I finally figured it out the other day. The BIG pots have semi-enclosed pans underneath them and made into the pot. Those pans were evidentally mosquito manufacturing facilities. I hope as the weather cools off the mosquitos and flies die off.

Sleepy after a full day at work. Must feed the fish and hit the hay.


Amber said...

After you get the mosquitoes out of the pots, if the fountain does indeed attract mosquitoes you can add a little vinegar to it. Not only does it keep the mosquitoes away, it keeps the slime from building up on the fountain. Don't put enough that you can smell it a mile away, just enough that it works.

Not sure I would try it in the pots, as I don't know what it would do to the plant.

Sorry about the dogwood lady and her son - how terribly sad!

Susan said...

Hopefully the dogwoods are not tied cosmically to the dear departed, and they will revive in the spring. It has been so dry, my weeping willow is all brown and really weeping leaves and all. Possibly try a Home Depot or Lowes for fall plants, if there is one nearby?

Calypso said...

Is your Obama sign still up?
I think you are a brave woman! I haven't even put my sticker on my car!