Tuesday, October 07, 2008


No yard diva today. Dunno why.

Midterms tomorrow. I'm tired tonight so I'm going to get up early and finish making up the test.

My jacket for the 3-day came today from L. L. Bean, and I like it! (It's not pink either!) It has a windbreaker / rainslicker outer layer. The inner layer is soft and some kind of fleece. They can be worn together or separate and they fit. It's a littler more heavy (pound-wise) than I'd prefer, but given all the logistics, I'm happy to have something!

Sleepy now, so I'm signing off to catch some zzzzzz's. Peace.

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Susan said...

Midterms already? I wonder what you teach, grade, subject? The kids here on on fall break for the rest of the week.