Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama "Fell Down"

I noticed today that my Obama sign "fell down." So I moved it to a new location in my yard and hammered it way in to the dirt. I don't know if it was pushed or fell accidentally, but if it goes down again, it won't be an accident.

I know how to find presents for my daughter becuase I generally know some of the things she likes, and occasionally, I know something she wants. The kids are easy. Her in-laws, not so easy, and Betty -- impossible. But an important person comes up later this month and I confess I don't know all the secrets of what he likes in art, reading, gadgets, and he's three times smarter than me about the geek world. If he wanted it he bought it. How do you find just the right gift for that person!? It'd be easy if it was Liam. Anything pirate-oriented would be the ticket. But it's his dad and I think Eric is way over pirate-oriented interests. There's a double whammy because he's a guy and I'm clearly not equipped to understand much about guy-stuff. I was married to a guy that wanted camouflage and guns and hunting equipment. A turkey call would have made him happy. That doesn't work here. Guns, knives, and camo just don't work in this situation. Is there art he likes that doesn't require a grant from the National Council for the Humanities? Is there a clever gizmo he wants that doesn't require a 2nd mortgage? I just don't know. I believe there is a kid inside of all of us that wants a present and a fuss for our birthday. I have to wonder what his kid wants?

Some of friends of mine went on an annual camping trip this past weeken, and I wish I could have gone, but it was just too far, too expensive (gas) and would have taken too much energy that I just don't have yet. I hope they had as good a time this year as I had the last time I went with them on this event.

I've decided that the old pair of walking shoes that I'm going to wear for the 3-day need decoration on them. I'm going to get some paint and make a statement with them.

I still have some plastic to get for my tent, and then, because it's less than 20 days until the 3-day, I'll start collecting and beginning to pack, because I'm just made that way. I need to get some trivia cards, as I've heard that's a popular way to entertain folks on the bus. I also have some other ideas of things for people to do. Got a few packs of cards yesterday. I have another idea for a way to make the ride one the bus a better experience. It was something taught to me by a guy at Yale summer befor last.

My sole positive effort today was doing Betty's considerable grocery shopping. She's good to go for a while. I had my prosthetics on today. Two weeks ago I was there and forgot to put them on, and she didn't appear to notice. She doesn't have enough neurons left to be polite, so she just didn't notice.

My exema is still driving me nuts. I think I must, must, must see the dermatologist. Must sleep now though. Night all.


Susan said...

Wow, just 20 days! I know you are excited. Is there a map of the route online anywhere? Where will you have to go and what will you be doing exactly? Get plenty of rest between now and then.

Allen said...

Yes, we had a good time, and I while I missed seeing and talking with you. I didn't expect you to come, with gas and other situations, but we did talk about the first camp out and the people including you that were there. Hope you enjoy the three day.