Saturday, October 04, 2008

Little Boys and Big Boys with Badges

I couldn't get the camera out fast enough to get a picture of it, but I saw one of the sweetest things today. We were at a parade in Cedartown and as is the custom here in western Georgia, when the floats and candidates go by, they throw out candy. I haven't seen that until I got here. Anyway, Liam has to be guided NOT to go into the path of the parade. He's pretty good about it. Today a sheriff deputy went out into the road and would pick up the candy that was out of the reach of the kids and throw it to the curb so they could get it. This sheriff deputy, quite literally stopped the parade so that he could get the candy up for the kids, BEFORE the horses went by with their horsey issues. It was so sweet to see this three year old fellow with blonde hair and blue eyes at the feet of this big deputy, by invitation, and with about 20 big horses all stopped to wait for the big man in the uniform and the little tow-headed fellow to pick up candy. It was a special moment in time.

I got an Obama sign and put it out in my front yard today. The office in Cedartown had signs (Carrollton was out.) and I got one. I think there are about 4 Democrats in all of Bremen, so I'ma little worried that I'll end up with eggs on the front stoop. But I've bravely put it up. I'm sure it'll generate controversy with the neighbors if nothing else.

What was heartening was that in Cedartown lots of people were getting Obama signs. Apparently there ARE some Democrats in Georgia! I thought I was in the most Republican state of all time, even if FDR did come here and die in Georgia at Warm Springs. I bet he felt like an alien in a strange land if it was as Republican then as it is now. I don't think it was, but it sure is now. By the way, my dad is officially having a dust storm in his grave (he was cremated so he can't roll over). He was a HARD core Republican. I respected his and everyone else's right to be or or against whoever. That IS the American way -- fredom of choice. I respect your choice to be for (or against) whoever you support. It's going to be an interesting election, and electoral college this year. I have to say that I listned to an NPR piece the other day about how McCain has people in Israel and Europe getting expatriates to send in absentee ballots. I think it's a great strategy on his part. I'd really like to see more clever ideas like that being employed by Obama. I honestly think he's being too low-key.

I've been doing a little outside stuff with flowers and bricks and stuff. I think I want to get a few more when I'm in Carrollton tomorrow. I keep putting a little bit of something into the flower/outdoor decoration department each month. I kind of wish I was more creative. It doesn't seem like I know quite what to do to make it look decorated. I need advice on what to do with the yard. I feel like the things I do just make it look more kitchy, not elegant. The lady next door does throws some bricks together and puts some flowers out and it looks elegant. I end up making dead flowers and concrete islands. I am not Martha Stewart of the outdoor decoration world. I wish I were a little smarter though.

I think I'm going to surf the web for some DIY ideas for outdoor plantings. I'm sure not smart enough to think of things on my own. Off to search the web! I hope you and those you love are well tonight.


Anonymous said...

soon to be 5 democrats in Bremen :)


Susan said...

It is discouraging to think that even tho we vote for Obama that GA will turn up as red on the big map... but we have to give it a try. Good luck with your landscaping, I have no luck with stuff in the yard at all.