Thursday, October 02, 2008

Most of the Way There

Jenn has reached her goal. While this is our first year doing this, we have found out a lot of things while soliciting for the 3-Day. The minimum amount required to do the walk, was a hard goal for us. But, the people who have generously given, have warmed my heart so much. There are so many of you that have joined us in this effort. I'm so thankful that in this struggle, so many of you have been gracious enough to do something to help me and others.

Soon the page that will pop up will be mine. I have a modest goal to reach. Jenn's was the one that seemed so impossible. I'm astounded though by a woman who set her goal to raise $30,000 and instead raised $43,000. Clearly I'm not good at this fund raising thing, because I can't imagine how you do that. How in the world do you do that?! Obviously she is a woman who knows how to do this! Everyone that gives even one dollar is my hero(ine) because each dollar is important in finding and preventing cancer. THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU. Each one of you was precious to me before this, but now you're even more precious.

I don't recommend getting cancer as a way to find out who your friends are, but it's been very affirming for me, especially as many of you helped with the fund raising. I think most people never get to know how many people care about them, because it's only demonstrated at their funeral. I got to find out by living. How cool is that!?

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Susan said...

Wow, congratulations Jenn! And to Joann too! I know you are both getting excited about the Walk.

I love this: I got to find out by living. How cool is that!?

You go girl!