Saturday, October 11, 2008

Morning in C'ton

We went to the MECCA festival in Carrollton this morning. I got a nice little image of Michael the Archangel. Someone special introduced me to him as a defender when I was frightened and I've rather adopted Michael as a spiritual guardian.

I rather feel like he is my help in the middle of surgeries and losses and fearful procedures that have happened this year.

When I knew I would be losing my breasts, Jenn helped me do two casts of my breasts to somehow save them. I'm not sure if it's a memorial, or a way to tangibly have a memory of my mammories or what, but I talked to an artist today that will help me mold the casts. I've tried to figure it out on my own, and I can't figure out how to do it. I even tried contacting someone that does sculptures but it's evidentally MY want, and not what anyone else wants. This fellow has taught me an art class and is a bit of a a colorful local character, but his big heart offered to cast my breasts for free and he's an artist that does big jobs on big commisions. It will make me happy to somehow have a representation of my breasts back in my possession. I don't know why, but it will. It wouldn't have mattered if they cut off my leg or my arm or my ass, I would have wanted a representation of it. It just happens to be my breasts. I hope this option works out. There is no going back -- once the molds are used, there isn't a way to go back and re-do the work if it somehow fails. He has two tries. There are two molds. My son-in-law is happy they will be leaving his bonus room. I suspect it's weird for him to have the casts of my breasts up in a room they use a good bit. Hadn't thought about that. Jenn and I just put them up there to dry and be out of the way.

Rested this afternoon. I get tired on the weekends and seem to need to rest more. I don't know how Jenn and Eric have the energy, but they were scheduled to go to Kennesaw this afternoon to let Liam see a reinactment that was going on up there. Liam is a nut about guns and will have enjoyed seeing the cannons and replica guns and such. I'm sure I'll hear about it.

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Amber said...

We women are funny creatures aren't we - we complain about bras and the pain in our backs from the weight of our breasts, but when they are taken from us, we mourn. I'm quite certain I would react very similarly to you, although I would not have been creative enough to think of doing a mold of them. I'm so glad that you have someone qualified and willing to help you complete that process! This may sound funny, but I'll actually pray that it goes as you wish. I'm sure God has heard much stranger prayers...