Friday, October 10, 2008


I got to zip up to the courthouse yesterday and do my vote. It was nice to go just up the road, and get it over and done with before the day of the big crush. I fully realize that my vote will get canceled out many times over, but I think it's really important to vote, and so I did.

I was glad to see gas prices go down today. It's really scary with this stock market thing though. Jenn makes fun of me saying, "Mom's ready to stuff money in jars and bury them in the back yard." Well, I don't really have a back yard, and that wouldn't be my first choice of locations, but I'm really beginning to wonder.....should I withdraw some money to just ensure that if my bank got into difficulties, I'd have some real greenbacks on hand? I don't know what to think.

We had a day today at work without the kids, but the servers went down so much of the work I wanted to do, I couldn't because I didn't have access to a working computer. Very frustrating.

I bought some tarps and hand warmers, and some other odds and ends in preparation for the 3-day. It's only about 3 weeks away! I went on to see if anyone had any trivia game cards they'd donate. I've heard that is a way that folks like to pass the time. I have some puzzles I think I'm going to copy and bring with me. I am open to non-bulky fun activities that I can have bus waiting people do while passing time on the bus. That's my job to keep people entertained. Tired, grumpy people too, is my guess.

My prize find for the walk today was an inflatable pillow. I really am used to a lot of pillows to sleep. Two is an absolute minimum. I figure I can use folded up clothing for one pillow, but I can't find my old inflatable pillow. So when I saw a new inflatable travel pillow at Wallyworld, I grabbed it. And some foot/hand warmers. Gradually, I'm getting the list of items down to a shorter list of things "to get" and instead a longer list of "I've gots."

Life sends you some big puzzles sometimes and there are sometimes no ways to really untangle them. I've really had a rough several months trying to figure out some family relationship concerns. Unfortunately an estrangement has resulted and that's sad. What you gonna do? Sometimes you just have accept things and keep on keepin' on. I don't understand it, but it IS what it is, and so I'm accepting it.

Hope you and those you love are safe, happy and enjoying life this day.

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Clovia said...

Hi Ann. Hope the estrangement doesn't stress you too much. Your brother if I remember correctly. You tried. Oh well, his loss. Hang tough girlfrined.