Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hands and Feet

I am officially NOT a heathen. I finally made it to church this morning for the first time in a while. It was good to see folks and feel....normal. I haven't done "normal" in a long time.

I went over to the pottery place and worked on the little imprints of hands and feet that we made for Jewel and at his insistance, Liam. I got several sets glazed. In another week or two I can go back and see what comes of it. Not everything that goes in, comes out as you might hope.

Yesterday I took a picture of Jenn holding Jewel, and Liam at the feet of his daddy as they stood next to their straw look-alikes. The scarecrow family this year is a reflection of the real family. I like it. :)

My church sells pumkins for a fund raiser. So I got a couple today to put by the back door which is really my main door. I called the yard lady today, and she's coming Wednesday.

Now, I wonder if I can negotiate to get my fence put up before she comes. Hummmmm.

I am doing laundry today, because the cleaning diva comes on Tuesday and I want the place to look decent enough that she is certain I am not a Tasmanian Devil living in my own filth. I strive to make things look adequate before the cleaning diva comes. How sad is that?!

While I'm preparing for cold and wet on the 3-Day, I'm really more concerned about heat and humidity. What will the weather really be like in 3 short weeks?

I hope wherever you are this day, you are happy, loved and full.

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