Thursday, October 16, 2008

Excitement and Anxiety

One week from tonight, I'll have been "trained" to be a "bus liaison" person and will be spending a night up in North Atlanta somewhere in preparation for starting to crew the Atlanta 3-Day beginning at 4am the next morning!

MY bus will be the fun bus. I went shopping for goodies last night and have some ideas about activities, fun things to do, and maybe even some special keepsakes.

I need to start packing my bags! I need to see if I can fit all my stuff in one duffle or what! ?

Last night I started an art class with a teacher I've taken a class from before. It was very satisfying and with new students, and I got to do some interesting things, and he's going to cast the mold of my "girls." He's kind of excited about casting a part of someone's body (especially THAT part) and I'm excited about a very nice gentleman doing this piece of art on my behalf. I have to be patient while he fits doing the "girls" into his schedule (he's doing a lot of commissions right now), but he's doing it for me for free. What a sweetie!

On top of all that, a friend came and put up the posts for my white picket fence that can be nailed up tomorrow. I'm happy that the fence materials that I've had for about three or four months are all finally going up! YEAH!!! Double YEAH!!! What a great gift this person is doing for me. Thanks, thanks, thanks Jeff.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like really great stuff is happening around there. I'm glad to hear it. How was the concert?


Watercolor said...


ps. You've been tagged. :)