Friday, October 17, 2008

0.6 of an inch of rain

Amazing, but just 6/10ths of an inch of rain and the place goes nuts. I have posts up for my picket fence. I need to go buy some white paint for that fence and get ready to paint it. The lumber has to dry out enough for the fencing to be nailed to the uprights though. It'll be one day next week when that can happen -- when things are dry.

I am so glad that I can rest some tonight. It has been a long, taxing week. I love learning. I love teaching. But I don't like struggling to get the attention of reluctant and rude students. A colleague also did an astonishingly stupid thing this week that made me look really stupid in front of a parent and that has peeved me. The poo is getting pretty deep around me. Another teacher and I were talking about teaching in Japan and how it would be different than here. Some student asked her how she would teach him differently there. Her reply, "You wouldn't be my student there. You'd have been dismissed from school long ago. Japan does not have the same compulsion to teach students who misbehave as American schools do!" I suspect there is a lot of truth in that. I also suspect that Japan can do disciplinary actions beyond what we can. That could be an interesting internet search. Are school teachers anywhere happy? Ultimately we teach because learning was fun for us. We want to share that fun. It's really disappointing when we can't.

I have to find a duffle bag and start some fabric decorating. The weather may be turning off cooler. I looked ahead and next week it will be down in the 40's in the early AM. I'll want my jacket in the AM but it'll be in the 70's by the PM. All logistics.

I looked for a copy of The Sound of Music today at Walmart. Nada. I posted on Freecycle in case anyone has a copy. If you have a DVD copy of The Sound of Muisc, let me know. I think Jenn's idea of having fun on the bus by having everyone sing the songs with the tape would be funny!

I want to get some embroidery floss tomorrow or Sunday maybe. I have an idea for an activity that my bus people can do but will have to pack the supplies in my bag.

I'm treating a plantar wart with vinegar and duct tape. So if you smell pickles around me, it's really just the vinegar. Supposedly it works. We'll see.

I have an appointment to see a genetic counselor next week too. That whole process should be interesting. And long. I read about it and it looks like they draw it out about as long as possible.

I hope you and those you love are not in ISS (In School Suspension) and that you have food, shelter and love this night.

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