Tuesday, October 14, 2008


OK, I'm over it. The worst thing about being around teens is that they have galloping angst. It just oozes out of their pores and envelopes the room, the building and all people anywhere nearby. Immersing myself in a sea of teens daily leads to a serious overdose of hormonal angst.

So, get this, Jenn and I and Eric's mom are all going to Cedartown on Saturday to see The Blind Boys of Alabama. I like good harmony and enjoy good gospel music, so while it's a little different, I'm looking forward to it.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. PSAT in the AM and meetings all PM. BUT in the evening, I start my new art class. It's with a fellow I've taken a class with before and enjoy his "joy of life." I would say "zhaw de vie" but I have no clue how to spell it! And that's OK.

I have 120 lbs of Quickcrete on top of my artist's paper, so I'm hoping that somehow, someway that gets taken care of tomorrow too. We'll see. The cleaning lady was awesome today. It's such a pleasure to come home to the place after she's been by and taken care of me. It's like having a mother to clean up behind you, but without the yelling. I love it! When the Quickcrete gets installed, I'll put up a picture of what it's holding in place. Progress is slow, but it's taking place in the quest for a nicer looking yard.

Now if I can just not get too much of a whiff of that adolescent angst tomorrow, thus provoking a relapse, I'll be fine!

Peace to you and those you love this night.


Susan said...

The Blind Boys sounds like just what you need to cure the angst! You have so much going on in your life, I am envious! Quickcrete, art class, music concert, teenagers, whew!

Love this line: It's like having a mother to clean up behind you, but without the yelling.

Have a good one!

Amber said...

"Joie de vie" for curious minds. How many years of French did I take to remember that? Wow.

I have heard The Blind Boys of Alabama, and while it isn't my favorite genre of music, I really enjoyed their performance. Very fun, very entertaining. May not have the same personnel these days though, as it's been a few years.

Have fun with the teens - I feel your pain on that. We've had a real high dose of drama in the band this fall. Drama, grill it up and eat it, we always say.