Monday, September 08, 2008

OK, It's a Model A

Not knowing much about modern cars, I'm definitely lacking in education about antique vehicles. I have been corrected that the color was true for a Model A. Now we all know. ;)

Anyone have a treatment for eczema that works? I've been itching for months now. I just about can't stand living in this skin.

I went around the school today taking pix to help get a stock of photos to use in a revision of the school website. I enjoy doing creative things. I hope the committee I'm on to do this revision will get something more attractive and functional up.

As September 11th's anniversary comes closer I feel a heaviness on my heart. I remember praying the rosary for so, so long. I committed to say a "Hail Mary" for every soul killed that day and it took almost a year for me to get it done since most of my prayers were in the car. The rosary that I used became so contaminated with that sadness that I asked my then priest to help me find a place to honorably retire it. It is now in the small, small space between the stone altar and the marble floor in that new sanctuary. It makes me feel good that it is in a holy place for all time. Somehow it preserves the memory and lives of all those poor souls. It has the sudden and startling rememberance reserved for events like "where you were when JFK was shot" or "where you were when you learned about the Challenger." Only it's like 3,000 times more awful. I was standing in a science classroom in front of 30 kids and my first impulse was to drop to my knees in prayer. I know of teachers that did and were admonished for it. Our world changed that day, but the victims of that terrible day were accompanied into larger life by over 4,000 Americans who have now died in the "War Against Terror." It's almost more heartbreak than one can stand to think about -- all those families that have lost special people in their lives. And these numbers are probably small compared to the Iraqi deaths in the last several years. A lot of blood. A LOT of blood. Peace and compassion are so hard to strive for in this world. Such incredible destruction that day and since then. Many hero's in Pennsylvania, the Pentagon, and New York. I'm acquainted with an FBI agent that went to Staten Island where the remains of the buildings were taken, and he looked for bits and pieces of people. I grieve for the Port Authority workers that lost all their specially trained and beloved cainine officers. I think of Police Officers and Fire Personnel who rushed in at the first sign of trouble only to become victims themselves. God bless the peacemakers in all this. I hope families, communities, and colleagues are healing. Bring us peace Lord.

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