Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Different people can see the same event and have very different perceptions of that event. Especially when family's have emotional events going on, insight can be so different by different people of the same event(s). Each person believes their truth. Each person feels their feelings intensely. Who is to say what is right or wrong? Right and wrong are earthly ideas that are really translated to more spiritual concerns that are hard to understand on this side of the veil. I hope we get insight into them when we transcend this mortal life, for I confess it is sometimes too confusing to me now.

What I do know is that I am human and I have probably hurt some of you kind readers or offended you in some way I do not have mortal insight into. I apologize for my shortcomings. I work hard to keep my heart in the right place, but as anyone can ... I'm sure I have strayed from the "right" and all I can do is keep on keeping on and praying that what pain I have caused (known and unknown) can be forgiven...because in my heart I have no intent to cause pain.

When the day comes that I breathe my last, I hope that on the whole I have done more good than stupid or bad or naieve. And, isn't that what any of us hope? I learn new things everyday and I hope that what I learn daily makes me a better person if only in the smallest of ways. But, I, like all, have sinned and fallen short. I lean on the grace of God and hope that love will heal all in the grand scheme.


Amber said...

I have no clue where this post came from, dear friend, but I feel the need to tell you that you have never offended me. It would be pretty difficult to do because, while we do not always agree, I can easily agree to disagree!

Now, I must apologize for not being a good friend lately. Tuesday night we finished our last instrument sale at all the middle schools that I was involved in, and I should have time to think and breathe again. No more no-home-til-11pm nights. Which is why I just caught up on almost a month's worth of your blog this morning! Now I have to work on email... that will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Calypso said...

I too am baffled why you felt the need to apologize, maybe you got some unsettling emails? people who disagree with you?
I find your writings and ideas meaningful and interesting.
Nothing to apologize for.


Joann said...

Sometimes we get information that makes us doubt our core self. Accurate self-perception is impossible so when new information comes in that makes you question yourself, all I know to do is try to make myself open and be up front that it's not my intention to be a jerk, but if someone feels I have been one.....well....I'm sorry. Relationships are complicated.