Sunday, September 07, 2008


Sunday was a special delight because I got invited to breakfast. Wonderful pancakes and bacon and orange juice served to the tune of children laughing and playing. Miss Jewel even ate a little itty bit of pancake.

Afterwards we went on an impromptu trip to Rockmart for Geocaching. Liam thought it was grand fun looking for "pirate treasure," and the rest of us had a fun time too. One cache was straightforward and the other was a very clever hide. Very clever. Liam is the "Chestnut Squirrel" as his geonick, and I haven't created one for Jewel yet. Liam was just barely walking when he went with me to an event and I created his own account.

Wow, look at those teeth! I walked a LOT today so I'm ready for bed. If the video shows but is sideways, there's nothing I can do about it. Just turn your head.

We went to a couple parks today. I tried taking video a couple times, but operator error really screwed things up. Jewel even had fun. I met a Mr. Hayes who restored this beautiful 1929 Ford. I admonished him that Henry Ford wouldn't approve of his paint job, since it was neither black, black nor black. It was the most beautiful restoration I've ever seen though. He reports it can get up to 50 to 55 at top speed.

My dad told of a trip with his uncle's new Model T. His Aunt and Uncle rode up front, and his mom and dad sat in the back. He and his sister sat on buckets turned up-side-down from Long Island, New York all the way to Florida. I suspect that must have been an interesting trip! I wonder if the adults have as fond of memories of it, as my dad did?


Watercolor said...

Sounds like a great day! Rest well!

Susan said...

A wonderful day! Cute baby picture, look at that tooth! Glad you have such a great family for support and for fun!

Calypso said...


Don't put your fingers inside that mouth. Those little choppers are sharp!

Cute pic, JoAnn...cute video too

Anonymous said...

That is a Model A, Model T's were only available in black.

Model A's like this one came in four colors none of which were black. The colors for Model A's were Deep Channel Green, Windsor Maroon, Phoenix Brown and Gunmetal Blue.