Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hands and Feet

OK, so we got cute little imprints of Liam's hands and feet when he was something like two weeks old. Jewel is a few days shy of being 9 months old, so by chance today we went by the pottery studio and with mom and I and some soft clay we were able to finally get her little hand and footprints. It was so fun getting them. I could see her little brain cogs turning and turning and going "What the hell are they doing with me right now!! This is weird!" Because we'd have to hold her in certain positions and one person would have to hold Jewel while the other person did the imprint. As long as we were at it we did several. It was fun.

She is also doing the crab crawl now. I kept her for a bit last night and for some reason she doesn't realize that legs can work similarly bilaterally. She scoots her left leg holding it under her, while pushing off with her right leg extended. If you didn't know her, you might think she couldn't work her left leg right or something. The reality is that she hasn't figured out that she can push off with the left one just like she can with the right. It works for her, and she sure can get around. The really odd thing is that her brother did the very same kind of crab crawl when he was learning to crawl. How can something so behavioral be genetic? I dunno.

She is is about to have four teeth. Jenn said that the other middle top tooth was breaking through as we were doing foot and hand prints.

Being a grammy is a lot of fun. I like it very much.

Still working on raising funds for the 3-Day. Jenn went and did a practice walk today with some ladies over at Mirror Lake. I'm so proud of her for taking on this commitment. Always room for a few more bucks in the fund:

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Susan said...

ditto: "Being a grammy is a lot of fun. I like it very much."