Friday, July 04, 2008


The suitcases are packed and in the van. I've done a water exchange for the fish. The cats have clean litter. I'm going to shave my legs and go to bed shortly after that. The alarm is set for 4:25 AM. I just have to jump into my clothes and leave. That's it. The house sitter has a key. The cats have food. If I can just make it through this cold without contaminating everyone else, AND without feeling like I want to die, it'll be great. But if not, I can feel miserable on a ship in the Carribbean just as easily as I can here at home.

I'll post when and if possible, but most likely sometime after I return on the 13th. I'm taking the camera, and extra memory card and plan to take lots and lots of pix. I'm SO excited.

You all have a great week without me. I'll be drinking a few virgin drinks (not much alcohol allowed once you've had pancreatitus), trying not to gain too many of the pounds I've "lost" back, and generally being a bum on a ship with 2,600 other people. I want to see the shows. I want to see the ocean and not see the land. I want to win the lotto too, but ...... So anyway, you all have a nice week. Kari and Chrissy, call your g'ma a couple times this week and just chat her up a bit. She may or may not remember that most of her family is away, but I'd just feel better if you checked in on her. I'll check my cell phone messages once a day. Probably won't be able to do anything about anything, but I'll check the cell anyway. Just in case.

Night all.


Calypso said...

Have a WONDERFUL cruizzzzzzzzzzze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watercolor said...

Well, you are gone now, but hope you have a fantastic time!!