Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's Getting Closer

OK, my toes are now acceptable in the company of other people than Bremenites.

I've even buffed the callouses off my heels. I have everything from a sewing kit, to Immodium, camera, Geocaching information, my GPSr, flashlight, night clothes, shorts, tops, my prosthetic boobs, batteries, fun stuff for Liam, my Rx drugs, even some huge zip ties to close my small suitcase. I have extra baggies, nightlights, whiteboards for our doors, an alarm clock and various and sundry other items that may or may not be important.

My house has been cleaned by my domestic goddess so I'll come home to a nice, clean house.

Wonder how I could find other geocachers on board? I bet there will be some. You can't get 2,600 people together and not have a few. I've been struggling trying, trying, trying to load the damn waypoints into my GPSr and I'm too dang stupid. It makes me so MAD. There's only about 40 waypoints; 50 at the most that might that I need to input into the GPS receiver (GPSr), but I sure would like to load them from the computer and not by hand. Grrrrr.

Someone today noticed that I'd been losing weight! Coolies. When I had boobs, that was the first place I'd lose weight. Now that I don't have boobs, it appears that there's less of my a** appearing! That's GREAT!

MD Anderson sent me a BILL for my damn copies of my pathology report. I sent them $5 in cash when I sent them the release of damn information form. So of course the bill was for $6.38. Maybe by the time I get back from my cruise there will be my pathology report! I hope someone in Houston enjoys my damn $5 that I sent in trust that it would be used for copying charges. Grrrrr. At this point I have really bad feelings toward MDA. I'm up to the ES&D stage with their administrative procedures. They may have great docs, but the administrators are demonstrating a kind of stupid-drone mind-set that makes me a little nuts.

Hope you and all you love are well. I'm signing off to go see if I can get those waypoints into the GPSr for a while longer.


Anonymous said...

Look at those fancy toes! They will go well in your sparkly flip-flops~
I am so excited for you, Ann, you are going to have a wonderful time on the cruise. Let me know how the geocaching goes, I'll bet there will be some neat finds.
Have fun-- enjoy every minute and take lots of pics!
Love from Leslie

Susan said...

Not long now! I have been watching your progress and anticipation of your trip, I am so glad you have this opportunity. Have a great time!

Watercolor said...

Fun fun!!! Have a wonderful time!