Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Pix and Losing An Annoyance Tomorrow

While on the island near Cozumel, we went to this set of Mayan ruins. They were way cool (although we were in the jungle and it was hot, hot, hot and muggy). Three to four-thousand years old they are literally carved out of the jungle. We saw men with machete's cutting back the jungle to keep it from encroaching on it yet again.

This road the Mayans made through the jungle is rough, but still endures.

This guy/gal was about two feet long and fortunately more scared of us, than we were of him.

The dirt here is very dark and very fine. They provide you with a faucet to wash your feet, and believe me they need it!
This lovely carving was at the end of the walking tour.

Yes, they really do towel "animals" on the ship. This was my favorite.

Must be at Crawford Long tomorrow at 6:30 am for check-in. Surgery is supposed to take place around 8:30, I think. The plastic surgeon is going to flatten out a scar from my right side mastectomy. It has a lot of very angry nerve endings in it. I hope he will remove them so that they won't hurt anymore. The excess tissue will be removed too and that will make it easier for me to wear my prosthetic breasts without problems. God bless Jenn and Eric for taking me in yet again for recovery, and bless Nancy for helping out on Friday! The generous spirit of folks to help me out is very, very appreciated.

Will check back in on the blog as soon as it's feasible. I don't know how much I'll feel like moving (or not moving) my right arm for the next few days.

Hope you and yours had a good day today!


Anonymous said...

Ann, sending TONS of positive energy up to you!!
Hoping you have a restful sleep tonight and an easy, successful surgery tomorrow. Sorry you have to go through yet another surgery, I know you are not looking forward to it. Keep thinking about the end results-- it will be over shortly!
Let us know as soon as you are able--
sending you lots of love!

Calypso said...

Will be thinking about you. Take care. Hope all goes well.
The pictures of the cruise are wonderful