Monday, July 21, 2008

More Cruise Photos

This is our ship at anchor at the Grand Cayman Island. We had to go to land via a "tender" boat that would come up and offload about 150 people at a time and take us to the dock. It adds a good bit of time to the whole process of going ashore.

This is the saphire blue of the ocean. I've never been so far out in the ocean to see it before. It's a fantastic sight. One morning Eric and I saw some porpoises escorting the ship and it was awesome.

My beautiful daughter collects images of mermaids. In this underwater picture she has become one. She looks so serene and beautiful in this picture. I feel like I'm looking at an angel when I see this picture. She has surely been an angel to me and will be again on Wednesday when I go for one more procedure (a scar revision). It appears it was a good thing she decided to be a nurse, because yet again, I'm indebeted to her and her sweet hubby for their nursing care to come. 6:30 am we have to be at Crawford Long. Yuck.

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dgray1130 said...

She is indead an angel. So beautiful. Good job Mom. Love you