Monday, June 30, 2008

New Computer

My old Athlon (6+ years old) was getting cranky, so when Woot had a special on a refurbished Athlon, I snapped it up a few weeks back. Today was the day that I reached my irritation limitation, and decided that THIS was the day I'd transfer data and get the new computer up and running.

GOOD LORD but it's a huge effort. I've got a lot of the files transferred, but it takes time, time, time. Fortunately, though, I've got the new CPU up and connect to the internet so I can post here.

I did a facial portrait for the first time tonight in art class. It ended up being kind of cool. I'm feeling like I learned something tonight. I haven't always felt like I have. Tonight I feel like I really accomplished something. I don't think the model's parents will ever recognize her from the portrait I did, but she looked human, and I've never made a facial picture that remotely looked like it was a normal human. I have a small sketchbook that I'm taking with me on the trip. Must practice.

The water/sand-proof case came today to protect my camera from myself. I also now have my other suitcase. I might actually have everything ready by the time it's time to leave!

My scar revision surgery is set for July 23rd. I can hardly stand the thought of anyone with a scalpel coming near me, but this will really help relieve some pain and discomfort (in an ideal world). Lots to do before August 4th!


Watercolor said...

how exciting!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you. Have fun, you deserve it!