Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Plastic Surgeon

I visited the PS that I was recommended to see at Emory/Crawford-Long. He's agreeable to doing the scar revision. No drain is likely required (phew!), but the Emory system of seeking insurance approval for such surgical intervention will take a MONTH!! I was hoping to get it done NOW so it would be well healed by the time school started. I understand them wanting to be REALLY, REALLY sure that the insurance will cooperate and pay for the procedure, but a one month delay for administrative delay inside EMORY seems nuts to me. They actually cautioned me NOT to call the approval department because calling could foul up the length of approval even longer! Jeeeezzzz! What a screwy system. I've been so impressed with so many aspects of the Emory system back when I was in for my Pancreatitus and gallbladder surgery a few years ago, that I'm just stunned by this inefficient and excruciating slow administrative log jam.

OH, and get this.......I sent the permission to MD Anderson giving them permission to release the information about MY pathology report to me. I got a letter from MDA yesterday.....it's them sending it back to me, because I didn't specify a date the permission would expire. So I have to send it back to them after specifying when the permission will expire. But I still get hung up on the idea that I have to PAY to get MY information from MDA and I have to give MDA my legal permssion to release the information to ME. That's another screwey medical thing. I think it's a genuine abuse of HIPPA. Who do you report this insanity to? It's just crazy.

Bought a nice little sun shade gizmo from Lowes today. It's not as expensive or as fancy as a pergola, but it offers some nice shade, and that's something I desperately need around my outdoor room. Especially with these high temps we're "enjoying" more shade is good. I'm hoping that it won't be too complex to assemble. I've been wondering how to acquire a little more shade, but the price was right and the size is pretty much what I need. Yeah, Lowes!

Hope you and those you love are safe, well and cool tonight.

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Amber said...

LOVE the gizmo - it will be perfect on your outdoor room.

Praying for Emory to speed up and MDA to get their head out of their bottom. ;)