Monday, June 09, 2008

Art Class

Tonight I had my first "Drawing the Human Body" art class. The instructor, Clint, had us use charcoal to sketch. We used easels and stood while sketching a life model. He encouraged us with feedback that indicated we were on par with his college class. Well, I would hope so, we're paying college prices for his teaching!

Everyone in the class is a total beginner. Some folks have done some other kinds of art but no one is more than a beginner for drawing. Using charcoal is interesting. We did all our drawing on newsprint. I won't be able to scan this pics because he has us using paper that is 18 x 24.

The gallery in C'ton has a nice space for the class. Apparently I will need to arrive early to class each week, unless I plan on buying an easel. (They have a few you may use, first come; first served.) The newsprint and charcoal are an interesting medium to work with. I didn't understand why we had to get different kinds of charcoal, but after using two different kinds of charcoal, I see how they are different in the level of impression and the depth of the mark they make.

Tired. Tomorrow I go see the plastic surgeon to determine if I'm eligible for a scar revision. You wouldn't believe all the hoops this guy makes you jump through before you ever see the fellow! Amazing.

Hope you and those you love are well.

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