Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today we got a real shower. Nothing much, but all H2O is appreciated by the vegetation at this point. I have to admit that I've been watering my flowers a little lately, so that makes me a little anxious about my water bill.

Congratulations to my friend A. & R. who are leaving soon to go pick up their adopted son in Russia. Send them prayers as he speaks no English, and they speak no Russian. It will be a true language immersion experience for all involved. School will start for him shortly after he arrives in this country. I'm sure it will be true culture shock at age 12! My mother who was raised in war-time Europe could never surrender her miserly ways and accept the abundance around her, because she grew up with so little to eat and such social anxiety (anyone could be an informer). I hope this child will escape from that poverty of spirit.

My computer is having a nervous breakdown. I have a new CPU and need to transfer the data. It's a little (ok a LOT) intimidating to me to do that, but I'm going to try and do it tomorrow. I'm on the computer a lot and a stable CPU is an imperative for me.

I had a very anxious dream for a long while in my sleep last night. This is the second time recently that I've had a very anxiety-producing dream. I'm not sure what's causing the anxiety, but it's lingers for such a long time after I wake up, that I really wish my conscious mind could "get" whatever my unconscious is trying to tell me.

My hungry tummy just rumbled so loud that the cat jumped! Fighting hunger is a tough job. My appetite is coming back, back, back and I could eat, eat, eat, but I'm really trying so hard to lose weight. Sometime this week I have to find time to get a pedicure. My toes have been condemned like a delapidated house! Before letting strangers who I'll never see again in my life see my feet, I have to get them properly done up. I guess they sort of scream Redneck as opposed to alluding to sophistication. ;) Lookout world. I have enough hair to not look like I'm about to croak any second, new panties, and I'll have a pedicure and tropical attire.

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