Sunday, June 15, 2008


It's been exciting around here this weekend! And not just because I let the hose trickle accidentally all night on one of the dogwood trees either! I usually have very minumum water usage so if I end up with a little more this month, it's not a big deal unless it ends up being WAY more than I think it might be.

The big excitement is that we're going on a cruise. I've never been on a cruise before so that alone is exciting. But the real cool part is that it's going to be Jewel and Liam with their Mom, Dad and all their grandparents. With some extensive juggling it's been worked out so that we can all go. We're going on a western Caribbean (I would have never figured out that Caribbean had two "b's" in it, if it wasn't for spellcheck!) cruise that will include stops in Cozumel, Mexico, some port in Belize and some island off Honduras. I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing. Thank goodness I bought that bathing suit a couple weeks ago. It appears that I'll be using it a good bit on this trip. If you're really interested, you can browse THIS site for the whole lowdown.

This is the vacation I wanted to take (going to exotic places) but it's better because I get to have my family around too. I found some pictures of Jenn recently when she was 4 and she couldn't remember the event, but she looked SO cute. Now we'll have pix of Liam and little Jewel on this big family get-together on the ocean, that they can show their kids in years to come.

I of course want to geocache on the trip and so far have found two caches within walking distance of the ship dock in Cozumel. I hope to have similar success in Belize and Honduras, and then I can say I'm an international geocacher!

I had a lovely lady luncheon with several of the townhome ladies here today (over at my next-door-neighbor's). We dined on sumptuous fresh fruit, some GREAT grits w/shrimp and asparagus' and fresh salad. THAT is a lovely, lovely luncheon that would never have filled up a manly man, but we had a fun time cackling and noshing on the good food. Thanks, K. It was nummy.

Betty is restocked with food. I've done some laundry of my own. I'm still scratching, but I bought some hydrocortosone cream to see if that gives me any relief whatsoever.

I'm getting a really coolies vacation this year! Wow. I get the beach, a cruise and international travel all rolled into one. It's just freakin' AWESOME!


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Amber said...

Oh, I am SO excited for you! It sounds great. The whole family going, becoming an international geocacher... I bet that's getting close to excitement overload. You deserve it, so go get 'em!

Susan said...

VERY cool! It sounds wonderful, and just what you wanted. Hope you have a great time, looking forward to pictures!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news, Ann, what fun you will have!
When will you leave for those crystal clear waters?
The food is supposed to be fantastic on those cruise ships, too.
SO happy for you!
Love from Leslie