Monday, June 16, 2008

Woooo Hoooo!

This arrived TODAY! It was 10 days total "in-process." I think it is amazingly fast processing. This will make travel easier and make re-entry into the US a lot more likely. All the "Homeland Security" stuff these days really makes one pause when leaving the country. It's easy to leave, but re-entry can be tricky these days with all the rules changing about what you need for identification. THIS is the gold standard, however.

Shopped until I about dropped today. But I got several nice tops that I can wear to school (and on the cruise). And I was able to get a couple more pare of shorts. I have about three pair, and feel better about having a couple more to wear on the trip. I have a beach cover-up now too. We lucked up at BabiesRUs today and got some sunblock-type clothing for Miss Jewel and Master Liam. We're going to be in the tropics so we want to be sure that they don't catch too many "rays."

I had art class tonight. I was tired but was very jazzed when the art teacher said I did the best job of anyone in class tonight! Wow!

Tired, tired, tired. Must sleep.


Calypso said...

You are such a BOFKONT!!!

losely translated: luckybutt!

I am so happy for you, a cruise sounds wonderful!!!!

Susan said...

Very cool indeed! I am excited for you!