Friday, June 13, 2008

Jewel Conked Out

Jewel and I hung together today. I had her in the swing while I was folding some clothes, and looked around to see why it was so quiet. I looked over and this is what I saw. I gently moved her back into a sitting position, and in S L O W motion she moved back into this position.

Tragic news about Tim Russert today. He seemed to like his job. But I personally am hoping for more than 58 years; I'm sure he was too.

Jenn tried to "style" what hair I have today and make it more stylish. Unfortunately all we had were a lot of laughs. It's just too short to really be "styled." I at least have moved from the image of Uncle Fester to a Marine hair cut all the way to an Army hair cut now. As time goes on maybe I'll even find out what I look like with bangs -- something I haven't had in about 50 years. I'm glad for every micrometer of hair that I have, no matter what color!

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